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HDP-7880ES 4K compatible High Quality Wide-angle Conversion Lens 0.79x
RAYNOX HDP-7880ES Wide Angle conversion lens broadens field of view larger in all directions, and your picture will include 27% more of the scene. The model HDP-7880ES high definition wide-angle lens is made of high index eco-optical glass elements with new concept of lens designing using three-group/three-element lens formulae. This new concept in designing the lens made it possible to achieve an amazing high definition wide-angle lens of the 355 lines/mm resolution power at center (MTF30%). It achieved level of almost non-distortion, -1.9% rate. It creates an unusually fine and non-distorted wide angle image.
This particular lens is designed for use with the 4K Wide Angle coverage Video Camcorders.

In using the appropriate adapter rings (included accessory), the HDP-7880ES lens will be compatible with 55mm, 58mm and 62mm filter sizes.
For the front filter thread of other than 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, please use a suitable Raynox adapter ring or tube sold separately. For suitable size of threads, please see the Cross Reference Table in our catalog or Raynox Website (http://www.raynox.com).

Extraordinary high resolution from edge to edge
Super -Low-Distortion -1.9% rate
153g Super Light Weight
3-Group / 3-element Optical eco-glasses

1x-10x zoom Capability*

* Some cameras do allow using the lens at max. wideangle range only.
  Specifications & Measurements
  Construction ABS/PC hybrid body
  Magnification Nominal 0.79x, Actual 0.79x Diagonal, 0.79x Horizontal
  Lens construction 3-group/3-element, Coated eco-optical glass elements
  Image distortion -1.9%(max.wideangle)
  Front Filter thread None
  Mounting thread For 55mm Pitch0.75, 58mm Pitch0.75, 62mm Pitch0.75.
  Dimensions (Height x Diameter) 30.3mm x 86mm
  Weight 153g(5.4oz)
  Accessories Front and Rear Lens caps, 3-Adapter ring 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, Instruction manuals.

*Limited in using max. wide-angle position. Raynox RT6262S is sold separately.
Note: There are some video cameras* with 55mm, 58mm, 62mm filter threads which do not fit with this HDP-7880ES lens+ adapter ring, and do not force to mount it, as it will cause damages on the surface of camera lens. With the following cameras please use the RT6262S tube adapter mounted on the adapter lens first,
*SONY FDR-AX700, FDR-AX100/E, HDR-CX900/E, HXR-NX100, PXW-70.
(Confirmed as of Jan. 18, 2018).

Please do not attached HDP-7880ES to the master lens other than tested by us, it may result in serious damage to the camera's master lens.

F= Female thread size, M= Male thread size

RT6262S tube adapter
How to use: Mount RT6262S directly onto the threads of HDP-7880ES then mount it onto appropriate camera's filter threads.
Comparison images taken with HDP-7880ES Wideangle lens Comparison images taken with HDP-7880ES Wideangle lens Comparison images taken with HDP-7880ES Wideangle lens
Click images for actual comparison shots.

This is the comparison movies taken by a FDR-AX55 4K camera with or without the HDP-7880ES lens attached, at the same distance. (16:9 mode)

The standard accessories come with the HDP-7880ES lens

Front lens cap

Rear lens cap
For 55mmPitch0.75 For 58mmPitch0.75 For 62mmPitch0.75
Adapter rings Lens caps


The top of rear convex element of the 0.79x wide angle lens is made protruded from the level of the mounting threads. So, using or carrying around the lens without a protecting adapter ring or lens cap may cause scars on the surface of the rear lens or some damages. Please refrain from using the lens on the cameras not listed in our reference table or catalog.
The 0,79x wide angle lens is a precision optical instrument, assembled with critical alignment tolerances. Do not subject it to severe shock and to the conditions of excessive cold, heat or humidity.
Depend upon the models of camcorder in use, The built-in image stabilizer system of the camera may cause vignetting image(darkening corner), when 0,79x wide angle lens is attached. It is recommended to set the system "OFF" to avoid such incident.
The built-in flash can not be used when the wide angle lens is attached. It may give a dark shadow of the wide angle lens on the picture.
Depend upon the models of camcorder in use, It may result in some degree of darkening at the corners of the frame(Vignetting). To avoid vignetting move the zoom lens slightly towards telephoto, and it may disappear.
The built-in remote control system of the camera may not function properly, when 0,79x wide angle lens is attached. It is recommended to make a trial shooting before you use the remote control system.
Although you may detect a white dot in the 0,79x wide angle lens sometimes when looking into from the front, but it's not out of normal and would not affect any of image quality.
Please remove the 0,79x wide angle lens from the camcorder after completing your shooting.
The lens is designed for use with a 1x-10x zoom lens. However, Some cameras do allow using the lens at max. wideangle range only.
Exposing the 0,79x wide angle lens to a warm atmosphere in an instant way from the cold area may create some dews on and inside the lens. When it happened inside the lens, keep the lens in a dry area till the dews disappear before using. Repeating such situation may leave dirt spot-(mildew) and affect the image.
0,79x wide angle lens is neither made for dust-free nor moisture/water proof.


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